Performing Private
Client & Corporate Events in Hong Kong & Around the World

Events at which Karen performs include:

Karen Linker is a professional vocalist and private events entertainer, with many years experience of performing events in Hong Kong and all over the world. She is known for her deep, powerful, husky vocals and stage presence.

Karen has a huge repertoire of over 2,000 songs, and sings across several musical genres including Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, R&B and Soul. Karen sings several songs in languages other than English, including Mandarin, French, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese.

Karen’s preparation for each of her events in Hong Kong and elsewhere is meticulous, with every performance highly polished and perfectly tailored to the nature of the event and the audience demographic.


Whether you are looking for a unique solo performance at a ceremony, a relaxed duo act at home or small venue, or perhaps a 12 piece band in a grand ballroom, Karen can perform these events and every type and size of event in between. No event is too large or too small.

Karen is in high demand for providing entertainment for Corporate, Wedding and Private Celebration events in Hong Kong, as well as for her performances at Dinner Galas, Charity Fundraising events, Hong Kong Members’ Club events, School Balls, Chamber of Commerce events and public ticketed events including large crowd New Years Eve celebrations.

Although a full time resident of Hong Kong, Karen has performed at many private events overseas and enjoys travelling. Karen has musical colleagues located all over the globe and therefore can travel to perform private events using locally based musicians, so as to limit costs of her performing for overseas clients.

In recent years, Karen has enjoyed performing at private events in Hong Kong, Macau, Melbourne, Sydney, Hamburg, Budapest, Cyprus, Las Vegas & various cities across the UK.

Music For Dancing


If you’re planning a big celebration and want your guests dancing all night, Karen is renowned for her high energy and expressive performances and her ability to bring a crowd onto the dance floor all night long! There is no better choice for entertainment for party events in Hong Kong! 

With a repertoire of 2000+ songs, spanning several genres and decades, Karen carefully tailors every performance to the guest demographic to make sure the music is a perfect fit for each of her private, corporate and public events in Hong Kong .

Karen performs all her events in Hong Kong and around the world with exceptional musicians from all corners of the globe. These musicians are all full time professionals with many years of experience playing public and private events. Several of these musicians are former members of well known bands.

Karen’s powerful raspy voice and extensive musical references and library enable her to authentically perform a huge selection of Classic Pop tunes (Motown, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s), Modern Pop (bang up to date), Rock, RnB, Soul, Funk, Jazz & Blues. 

Events in Hong Kong - Karen Linker Private events entertainer
Performing at events in Hong Kong and around the World

Guests are never in their seats for very long! This "sit-down" drinks event quickly became a 3 hour dance party!

Music For Atmosphere

Performing at events in Hong Kong and around the World
Karen Linker Jazz Singer & Private Events Performer, Vocal Coach Hong Kong


If you are looking for a unique and experienced singer to help you celebrate a special occasion in a more low key way, perhaps at a restaurant or a club that doesn’t have a dance floor, Karen is one of the leading performers of these types of events in Hong Kong. 

Karen has performed at intimate dinner celebrations and at large sit-down gala events in Hong Kong at many of the best restaurants, hotels and social club function rooms across Hong Kong.

Karen and her musicians can entertain guests over dinner or cocktails, with a classy evening of upbeat Jazz & Pop-Jazz tunes (well known pop songs given a Jazz twist) or, if the client prefers, a selection of R&B/Easy Listening classic tunes.

Alternatively, if you have a favourite singer or band, why not book one of Karen’s tribute shows, featuring 90 minutes of the songs of your favourite artist.

These shows can consist of just the music of one or two preferred artists or can be extended to include cinema style footage between live performances of the best known and loved songs of the artist being featured.

Previous tribute shows performed by Karen Linker, singer Hong Kong, include those celebrating the work of Queen, Tina Turner, Pink, Amy Winehouse, Donna Summer and Fleetwood Mac.

Arranging a Performance of Live Music At Your Event

Organising everything necessary for live music at events in Hong Kong can be time consuming. Not every venue is set up for live music and, the hotel style sound systems in many venues, which play piped music are not able to support the performance of live music.

If required, Karen can arrange for the provision of all the instruments and sound equipment needed for your event. As Karen runs her own rehearsal, teaching and recording studio, all equipment is available at short notice and is carefully maintained and regularly updated to ensure the best possible sound at your event.

Karen works closely with exceptional musicians in Hong Kong and around the world and will organise the most suitable line up for your event and budget.


Karen sings all her events in Hong Kong and overseas with exceptional, professional musicians. 

Karen carefully assembles the best band for each of her events in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world, depending on client preference, budget and venue.

Karen can provide any ensemble, from a Duo (Karen plus a keys player or guitarist) up to a 12 piece band  (Karen plus instrumentalists and backing singers).

Karen owns and can provide a choice of sound systems suitable for all events in Hong Kong, together with all instruments (keyboards, drum kits, etc) required for the performance.



Karen is an accomplished songwriter and lyricist and offers the additional service of creating a song for performance at any of her events in Hong Kong.

This service is often engaged by the family and friends of those celebrating special birthdays!

Usually, lyrics are written to the client’s favourite tune, or to a classic tune that will be familiar to guests, and Karen obtains information from family and friends in the week before the event, to enable her to write a humorous song dedicated to the guest of honour!

Karen Linker Performing Events in Hong Kong & Around the world
Karen Linker Performing Events in Hong Kong & Worlwide

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Events in Hong Kong Performed by Karen Linker
weddings in Hong Kong & Events in Hong Kong

Pricing depends on a number of variables, including:
-Location of the Venue
-Access To The Venue
-Whether Venue has a PA System for Live Music
-Whether Venue has existing Stage set up and Instruments
-Type of Event
-Number of Musicians Required
-Length of Performance Time
-Any other Requirements affecting Musical Performance

To get an accurate quote, please contact Karen via the Form below or directly via email with full details of your event and musical requirements. Once a quote is accepted, a deposit of 40% of the total fee is required to secure the date in Karen’s diary.




Absolutely! As long as the venue is accessible by road, my band and I can perform at any venue you choose and I can provide all necessary instruments and sound system as required. I have played many events in private resident estate clubhouses, private apartments and private outdoor spaces as well as at public locations such as restaurants, hotels and social clubs.

Yes, I can do this and I have a selection of specifically created tracks recorded live by musicians in London for this purpose. However, where possible, I always encourage the client to consider, at least, a duo arrangement, so as to have a little more flexibility on stage.

Charges depend upon date of event, location of venue, size of event, number of musicians required, duration of performance and what I am required to provide in terms of sound system and instruments if your venue doesn’t have a live music set up. Please contact me with these details or call me to chat through your arrangements or ask me for advice or assistance with these and I can give you a quote at this time.

Absolutely, I have performed several engagements overseas in recent years and I have musicians ready to perform my set with me in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Melbourne and Sydney. My musicians in Hong Kong are available to travel with me to events in other parts of Asia.


Email: karenlinkervocalist@outlook.com

Karen is one of Hong Kong’s leading vocalists and a much in-demand performer of private, corporate and wedding events in Hong Kong.

For a performance that will add something really special to your events in Hong Kong or worldwide, contact Karen to discuss your live music requirements and get a quote.

No event is too small or too large and each event gets the same meticulous care, attention, and preparation.

Karen accepts engagements to perform at events in Hong Kong, Macau, and overseas, and arranges for exceptional musicians from all over the world, to perform with her at all locations.

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