Karen’s services as a Vocal Coach are in high demand. Karen offers instruction and direction, at her fully equipped teaching studio in Hong Kong, to a wide demographic, ranging from young amateur singers to adult professional performers, including several Canto Pop celebrity artists. Karen also offers a limited mobile service, and online tuition for Hong Kong and clients from overseas.

Karen’s programme is focussed on improving vocal technique, delivery and performance, which is achieved through carefully chosen vocal exercises based on vocal science, and a detailed exploration and subsequent performance of contemporary songs, usually chosen by the student.

Karen is passionate about sharing information with other singers and particularly assisting those who have perhaps struggled or seen negligible results with more traditional voice development programmes.

Karen is a full, accredited member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (U.S.) recognised in their Teachers Directory, and a full member of The Association of Teachers of Singing (UK) and VASTA. Karen is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Vocal Pedagogy and is the winner of multiple awards as a vocal teacher. 



For those who have no singing experience, or perhaps believe that they can’t sing, Karen’s support and guidance as their Voice Coach in Hong Kong is an invaluable resource.

Similarly, for singers who have some experience but who perhaps don’t understand proper singing techniques, or singers who want to take their vocal and performance skills to a higher level, Karen can assist.

As a much in demand Voice Coach in Hong Kong, Karen teaches basic techniques such as breath control, pitch control, tone management, projection techniques, identifying and improving vocal range and showing students how to produce their sound in a healthy and effective way.

Too many people go through life believing that they cannot sing or are tone deaf; the fact is that they just haven’t been shown how, and this can be fixed!


If you’re an experienced or professional singer or a performing/recording artist seeking a Vocal Coach in Hong Kong to focus on particular techniques or vocal issues, Karen has earned a reputation as one of the best and most knowledgeable tutors available.

With a skill for helping advanced singers and professionals transform their performances from wonderful to exceptional, Karen has worked with independent recording artists in Hong Kong and Asia.

Karen is also an experienced songwriter and lyricist and has collaborated with several local artists to develop their work further, in addition to supporting their record album vocals.

Karen teaches from her fully equipped studio, with recording facilities.

Where Do Lessons Take Place?

Singing lessons for most Hong Kong based students take place at Karen’s very comfortable and fully equipped 650 sq ft studio, in Gold Coast, New Terrs. Some Hong Kong based students and other students located at various locations overseas, take their lessons online.

On Tuesdays and Fridays each week, Karen offers mobile lessons to Hong Kong based clients who prefer to take lessons in person, but are unable to travel to the Gold Coast studio. 

How Are Lessons Structured?

In each session, clients are taken through a range of appropriate vocal exercises to improve and develop their voices.

As an experienced Vocal Coach, Karen quickly identifies each client’s strengths and weaknesses and creates a customised programme depending on their needs.

After spending an appropriate amount of time warming up the voice with vocal and breathing exercises appropriate to the client’s level of experience, the remainder of each session is spent applying the techniques learnt during vocal exercises.

Less experienced singers will learn to sing songs of their choice, with guidance from Karen as to song-choice if requested, and songs are studied, line by line, until the student can sing the song at an advanced level, not just in terms of vocal accuracy, but also with impressive delivery and presentation.

The coaching needs of an experienced or professional singer are obviously more specific and sessions may, for example, be focussed on one aspect of vocal technique or a particular piece of music (sometimes the client’s own composition) which the client wishes to explore with another experienced vocalist.

Once a certain level has been achieved, the student has the option to record their work in Karen’s recording studio, either against a backing track or, if preferred, with a live band accompaniment.

Karen's Coaching Style

Karen has earned her reputation as a top Vocal Coach, with her dynamic and passionate approach to sharing knowledge and experience with her vocal clients, who all make huge progress in a short time under her guidance.

Although Karen is a trained instrumentalist and vocalist, her focus is not on getting through music examination programmes (although these are available to students who wish to take formal examinations), but on teaching and guiding students, of all levels, to sing safely and exceptionally well.

As an experienced, professional vocalist, with knowledge of vocal science and anatomy enhanced via study of a Masters degree in Vocal Pedagogy, Karen is able not only to demonstrate the techniques she teaches, but also to explain to students how and why these techniques make such a difference to the sound produced. As an experienced international performer, Karen is able to share performance techniques for every vocal performance scenario and to assist students who suffer from performance anxiety.

Every student is treated with infinite patience and the same level of respect, care and encouragement.

Does Karen Teach an Examination Syllabus?

Karen teaches both ABRSM Musical Theatre and Trinity College Rock and Pop Vocal examination programmes, Grades 1-8. Over 90% of Karen’s students have achieved Distinction in these exams, at all grade levels.

Examination Grades 6 and above carry UCAS points, which are of benefit to students applying to UK universities.

Examination programmes are taught and recorded at Karen’s fully equipped studio.

Who are Karen's student Clients?

vocal coach

As a top Vocal Coach in Hong Kong, Karen’s clients include experienced amateur vocalists, musical theatre talent, professional singers and label-signed recording artists. 

Even experienced performers can benefit from the input of an experienced ear and performer and, as several of her client references on this site indicate, Karen can often add a new dimension or vocal perspective to a project.

Sometimes professional clients are simply seeking a knowledgeable and enthusiastic evaluation of their work from a professional opinion they trust, before publication. 

Karen treats every one of her clients, regardless of their level of professional experience or public exposure, with the same respect, professionalism and confidentiality.

Choosing a Microphone Best Suited To Your Voice

Karen has had extensive experience performing and recording with a large number of microphones and currently has 17 different microphones plus a Slate Digital Virtual system in her studio, enabling recording vocalists to try a number of options to find the microphone best suited to their vocals.

As a Vocal Coach, Karen can give an informed and experienced opinion on the best microphone for each client, based on her personal experience of their vocals.

vocal coach microphoes available at studio of Karen Linker

How Can I Engage Karen as My Vocal Coach?

To Book Singing lessons with Vocal Coach Karen Linker please make a Booking using the link below or use the message option to ask Karen for more information if you have any further questions.

Karen has a full schedule of regular weekly clients, but will always do her best to accommodate new clients. Karen teaches 7 days a week, by appointment.

HONG KONG Jazz singer


Karen is a well known Vocal Coach, renowned for her dynamic and meticulous teaching style and for achieving incredible results for her clients. The practice of vocal techniques, combined with performance of songs often chosen by the client, lead to a fun, engaging and highly productive experience.

What Do Karen's Vocal Clients Say?

How Much Does It Cost To Engage Karen as My Vocal Coach?

Vocal Coach


Online lessons take place via ZOOM and are primarily for overseas clients. Buy a package of 12 lessons and the 13th lesson is free.


In-Studio: Lessons take place at a comfortable, fully equipped, hepa-filtered studio, with a large teaching room and a separate recording room. Buy a package of 12 lessons and the 13th lesson is free.


A limited number of mobile lessons are available by appointment. Buy a package of 12 lessons and the 13th lesson is free.


Clients should take lessons every week with their vocal coach, to achieve the best results in the shortest space of time. I sell only packages of vocal lessons and do not accept casual or short term students. A minimum of 6 lessons must be purchased each package, and packages of 10 lessons attract a 10% discount.

Absolutely no experience is necessary. Lessons will be taught at the level appropriate for each client. Karen’s skill as a Vocal Coach includes adapting the information she shares to engage and support students at every stage of their vocal development.

I own and run 2 studios, both fully equipped for teaching, rehearsal and recording. They are located in Gold Coast and in Lam Tai, Tuen Mun, NT and accessed by an excellent public transport network. 

Discounts are available for pre-paid packages of 10 lessons. All lessons must be used within 10 weeks, unless an alternative arrangement is agreed due to special circumstances.